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1. I understand as a member site of Project Worm-hole, that no promises have been made or implied from   "Project Worm-Hole" as to the number of visitors I can expect from being A member. "Project Worm-Hole is strictly for entertainment purposes.

2. I understand that the Project Worm-Hole Logo must be displayed on my main index page.

3. Project Worm-hole makes no guarantees that our Worm-Hole Jumper will work flawlessly for ever and ever.

4. Project Worm-hole is not responsible for the content found on our members pages, yet every effort is made to ensure the content of all members web pages is acceptable for viewing by all of the internet public.

5. Project Worm-Hole has been created as a FREE web service to internet users.  We will never attempt to charge a fee for being a Project Worm-Hole member and carrying the Worm-Hole Jumper logo on your web pages.

6. Project Worm-Hole does accept moneyary donations for server maintenance and operating costs.

7. We insist you enjoy being a Project Worm-Hole member and hope you use the Worm-Hole Jumper as your number one way to SURF the web !

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