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As A Project Worm-Hole Sponsor, your company banner will come up randomly on our home page.  All members of  Project Worm-Hole will come to our home page to sign up as members. Also, our home page URL is linked underneath all Worm-Hole Jumper graphics, so numerous visitors will follow the link to find out exactly what Project Worm-Hole is all about.

All we can tell you is the number of visitors who view our site. It is a volume game !  We can not tell you demographics of our users, we can not target your banner by time of day, type of browser user,  or any other targeting method.  We can not tell you how many times your banner was viewed or how many clickthrus there were.

We can guarantee that your banner is seen approximately one in every 30 times our web page is loaded. This is because we limit our sponsors to 30 on a monthly basis.  A "Random Sponsor Banner script" loads a different banner every view.  There is a counter in the bottom left hand corner of our home page so you can see how many visitors we have had.  In the near future you will see a banner advertisement on every one of our pages, therefore increasing your exposure 10 fold.

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