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As members of Project Worm-Hole, we all agree to carry one of the 3 graphics below on our home pages. The graphic itself is linked to the Worm-Hole Jumper, which will take the surfer randomly to one of our member's pages, maybe yours. The text link, which says "Join the Worm-Hole Today!" will take the surfer to the Project Worm-Hole home page, where hopefully they will make it here, signing up as a member and thus creating greater exposure for your web site.
You must carry both links on your home page.

Graphic name


Download Graphic !

worm.jpg worm.jpg is 3kb in size 


worm1.gif worm1.gif is 24kb in size.
It is animated.

wormban.gif wormban.gif is 8kb in size.

To download a graphic, put your mouse over it, click the right hand mouse button, and choose "save image as..."

Be sure to save the image in the same directory  your home page is in. Or if you put it in an images folder then you will need to change the < img src > tag where it says "worm1.gif" to reflect the location of the file on your server.

Insert the following HTML code into your home page: (Changing worm1.gif to the name of the graphic you downloaded)

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Save your home page and upload it to your server.
You should see the Worm-Hole graphic.
Test the links.
You're done!

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